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The 10 commandments about eating

Here are some healthy Ayurvedic tips. Some of them seem intuitive. Some of them go against what you have learned growing up. Remember that Ayurveda is based on over 4000 years of time tested knowledge from India. These are not western-science based tips. But you have to look at where western nutrition has gotten you. Are you your healthiest, most energetic self? Is your health thriving? If not, why not be open to another point of view? Also remember that much of what you have learned came from advertising (such as commercials with delicious looking pizzas in a happy family setting), and had questionable motives. Was that brand truly concerned about your health? It’s time we began living our best selves, and being educated on other nutritional perspectives is the first step into you choosing the food that works best for you. Here are ten universal Ayurvedic tips that can be applied one at a time. Take what works for you. Many small changes turn into big change!

1. Eat freshly cooked food for the main course.

The biggest misconception that needs attention is that certain heavily processed “foods” are food. Fresh food maintains its quality and nutrition. Instead of microwaving dinner, cook up some rice and lentils. Instead of a can of spaghetti, a homemade hamburger would even be better. We’re not talking fancy-how about an egg on toast for dinner? If you do nothing else, please just cook your own food!

2. Always keep healthy foods around.

You know when you get so crazy hungry that you can’t even think? We all do it, so just prepare for it. Have apples, nuts, smoked salmon, etc. on hand. Just have something already prepared that you’d be happy you ate, whatever that is. We have created a wholesome, perfectly balanced snack for just the occasion: Ener-Ghee. It’s delicious, sweet, filling and super easy to digest all in a convenient to go pack!

3. Eat three meals a day.

We have heard that eating many small meals boosts the metabolism and helps you lose weight. This is not true, Ayurvedically speaking. What this does is never gives your digestion a break, weakening it over time. If you are eating wholesome, balanced nutritious food, you should generally be fueled until your next meal.

4. Set a specific time and place and enjoy eating.

When you focus on your food, your body is ready to digest it, especially if it’s expecting it. If you are out and about the food doesn’t digest easily and you end up with food starting to rot in the belly. (Sorry.)

5. Fast one day a week.

This follows the idea of three meals a day. Though fasting can be not eating anything, for most people, just sticking to simple foods like soup counts!

6. Eat less and exercise more.

Again if you eat nutritious, home cooked food, you will naturally need less food. Do not force this. Many people are eating such nutritionally deficient food that even though they are overweight they are indeed starving! Once they switch to eating their own cooked food, they naturally will eat less. As for exercise-just go on a walk! Nothing crazy here.

7. Avoid ice cold drinks completely.

You’ve heard that drinking cold drinks will take more calories to burn so it’s encouraged. But you’ve also heard that eating snow can kill you so-have you ever questioned that advice? Cold food and drinks turn down the digestive fire, so if you constantly drink/eat cold food, you will be left with food rotting in the belly. Lack of digestion leads to a leaking, rotting food into the rest of the body. Yikes!

8. Eat seasonally.

Pumpkin and apple pie are easy to digest in fall. Beef stew keeps you warm in winter. Salad keeps you cool in the summer. Nature made veggies perfectly balanced to the environment they are ripening in, and they are more delicious and fresh.

9. Eat local foods.

Again, any food grown in your environment (which we will point out that you too are growing in) balances you perfectly. For example, beets grow better in colder climates but they are also higher in sugars-much needed to keep you warm!

10. Balance the food by adding a variety of spice.

If something’s heavy, add pepper. If it’s bland add curry. The simplest food can become amazing with just a touch of fresh herbs or a squeeze of lemon. Food doesn’t need to be complicated. So don't be intimidated, you can cook!

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