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Short and Sweet Sources

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We proudly source as much as possible from our local farmers!

All of our produce is sourced from small Montana farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. The only exception is our non gmo habaneros (not a lot of habanero farms here, though we do have one in Polson, MT), spices and lemons (we use fresh squeezed lemon juice for our jams).

For example, apricots from the banana belt, blueberries from Plains. The pristine Flathead Lake is of course famous for its phenomenal cherries, but we get a lot of other produce there as well. The lake makes a great temperature buffer that is a growers' haven for high quality produce.

We even make our own apple cider vinegar with organic apples from Missoula, MT and our own tomato sauce with summer ripened tomatoes from Arlee, MT. Our butter for our ghee is from a Montana dairy farm that is totally self sufficient. They grow everything they need on the farm, including hay and fertilizer.

As of 2022, we have purchased over 6,000 pounds of Montana grown commodities! This is in addition to the $12,000 in products we have donated to the food bank using locally donated produce!

We believe in purchasing from small farms because they are the backbone to any healthy economy. Because they are sustainable, they are not necessarily productive by modern agribusiness standards. This means we are paying higher than average prices for a smaller quantity of produce. However, their quality of produce is unsurpassed, and we are excited to share this quality to you! When you purchase a Key to the Mountain product, you are voting for a thriving food chain. When many small farms come together, we can maintain high quality, easy sustainability and unmatched deliciousness, while taking responsibility for a loving food system. Thank you for your support!

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