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Why we don't do sales

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Many people ask us why our food is so expensive. My response is, "what you should be asking is why isn't other food more expensive?".

In the textbook business model, retail price is 2x wholesale, and wholesale is 2x cost of production. If we did this our small batch, low sugar jams would be up to $36 and BBQs $48.

So what I'm saying is because we source the highest quality ingredients, we don't have a huge profit margin. I like to think of it as our products are always on sale! :-)

You're getting the highest quality ingredients from Montana, and supporting an ethical family business who pays their help living wages. All at a very low markup!

If a company can cut their prices in half for a sale, consider this: it means that their profit margins on your purchase are probably through the roof, everyday. (Clever marketing I must say.)

Questions to ask when a product goes on a huge sale:

  • Why are we not getting these "deals" everyday?

  • If they can cut prices, and assuming this means their profit margin is so high, where are they getting this profit margin from? low quality ingredients, unfair wages, simply bulk sourcing and selling?

Just for humor, imagine if you were asked to put yourself on sale. "Hey boss it's black Friday so I'm having a 60% off sale. Instead of working for the usual $25/hour, I'm only $10/hour today!"

If we could put our products on sale, we wouldn't. Instead we'd lower our everyday price. And that's what we have done. That's not necessarily right or wrong, but it reflects our values: We truly want real, quality food to be as accessible to as many people possible. Your purchase of Key to the Mountain is a vote for that too.

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