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The Abundance Project

We're ambitious

At Key to the Mountain, we believe everyone deserves good food without sacrifice. From this simple value we are launching The Abundance Project: A revolutionary system of food production that combines community, health and cooperation to create an abundance of food for all.

What is The Abundance Project?

It's simple: starting in Missoula and neighboring towns, we are collecting produce from neighborhood trees that normally go to waste. And then we can it, creating a community driven source of food abundance. Preserving the food we already have is the first step to creating food for all, without the need for any weird fertilizers to increase yield! 

How does it work?

We start with the produce in your yard-we can collect it or you can collect it. Then we can it. Then we'll give you a portion of the jars or other collaborator's jars, for free! (Expect to receive this after the harvest season.) We'll also donate a proportion of jars to the local food bank. And we will sell the rest to cover our costs and provide the rest of the community with more high quality canned goods.

Get involved!

If you are interested in donating produce, contact us to learn more! This is a brand new endeavor, so questions are very welcome! We are currently taking "reservations" (nature is on its own timeline of course) to gather from Missoula and nearby areas. We'll ask some questions about the fruit and go from there! The produce cannot be gathered off the ground so contact us early!