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What makes us unique

Our recipes are simple. We start with truly the highest quality food we can find, and we don't add anything weird. No fillers, excessive sugar, or even extra water are added in order to stretch the product. So instead of diluting the product, we concentrate and create the most delicious flavor ever! 


Our Third Son Keisuke and Quality Inspector


After moving to Missoula, MT for the community, we were blown away by the quality of the food at the farmers' market. So we started cooking from scratch, making delicious, wholesome food for our family that energized us. To make these high quality options available to others, we launched Key to the Mountain. We are founded on wholesome recipes made with actual food. We believe in empowering our community through good food, sustainable farming and ethical business practices. From our kitchen to yours, we bring you the bounty of Montana!


We promise:                no excessive sugar, no fillers, just simple recipes made from the best FOOD: organic, local and fair trade ingredients!

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape
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