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Finally, an on the go snack that is designed to heal your digestion, fill you up and keep your sugar level steady for up to 4 hours. Yes, this is a game changer!

Based on the ancient, holistic recipe used by indigenous lion hunters, Ener-GHEE keeps you fueled, focused and full, without the crash. From day hikes to day care drop off, Ener-GHEE fuels your inner warrior.

Fierce Lion

Your Health: Whether you don't have time or you don't know how, meet Ener-GHEE.

Ener-GHEE actively heals your digestion with a base of high quality ghee. We make our ghee in house from happy grassfed cows' milk. Ghee is holistically known to create a perfect biome for beneficient bacteria to thrive. 

Walnuts in Ener-GHEE provide the perfect quantity of protein, and the dates add all the sweetness. These nutritious calories are burned slowly by the body because of the high fat content of Ener-GHEE, staving off hunger and energizing body for 4 hours with no crash. This is the fuel of marathon champions!  

There are no preservatives. Preservatives work by killing microbes, but what do you think happens to your healthy gut microbes when you eat preservatives?

Ener-GHEE is conveniently packed in single serve portions to take on the road or on the trail, or even packed into school lunches.  It's lightweight, coming in under 2 oz, but it has 240 calories per pack. 

Why has no one done this before? Ener-GHEE is designed to fill you up and nourish you, which means less money spent by consumers. 

We are here with your well being in mind, and Ener-GHEE is based on the ancient and wholesome recipes of holistically healthy outdoor enthusiasts.

Fuel your inner warrior!

All natural
Gluten free
Keto friendly
Whole 30

"Is this a dessert?"


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