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Proud Supporters of a Wholesome Food Economy (aka our vendors):


Bigfork: Eva Gates Homemade Preserves

Billings: Frae Everyday Goods,

Bozeman: La Cuisine, Olivelle

Cooke City Sinclair and Lodging

Helena: Just Tapped, Helena Hot Springs, 56 Counties,

Lavina: Black Coffee Ranch

Missoula: Good Food Store, Jim &Mary's, Orange Street Food Farm, Wardens market

  Rockin' Rudies, Taglier Deli

Did you know?

The 12 oz jars (chow chow and brandied cherries) fit standard Ball lids. Let's get canning! The 6 oz jam jars make great craft jars too. We thoughtfully chose labels that peel off!

How do you reuse your jars? #Key_to_the_Mountain

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