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Products currently available: 6oz: cherry rhubarb jam, cherry habanero jam, triple berry jam, blueberry jam, onion balsamic jam (savory, no added sugar). 12oz: dill relish (no added sugar), sweet squash pickles, jalapeno squash pickles, pickled beets, taqueria carrots (spicy, no added sugar). Please let us know your pick. 

Donate to The Abundance Project

  • Many people ask us if we are non-profit. No, we are a for-profit family owned business. Our goal with The Abundance Project is to contribute to a thriving food chain and to set an example of how a profit based company can be truly responsible in their community. We see a world where there is plenty for everyone. Those who can give, give what they can, creating a world where everyone can thrive. This is our contribution to that vision.

  • In order to create an abundance of food year round, we teamed up with the local community. You donate your excess produce, we can it and share jars with you, the local food bank and sell some to cover our costs. Our costs include jars, sugar, labels, labor etc. The better funding we have the more we are able to share the bounty of Montana with our community and those in need. Thank you for any support!!!!

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