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Social Responsibility

Key to the Mountain offers delicious, handmade foods. We use organic ingredients and source locally whenever possible. This ensures the best ingredients available, making the highest quality food, and it has an even bigger effect: it empowers the community. In general, local businesses return more than 3 times the money back to their community than chain competitors. This effect is multiplied with Key to the Mountain because we also source local.

We source from farmers committed to agricultural sustainability. We strive to support farmers who have a sustainable agricultural plans such as rotating crops for fertility or creating their own compost, rather than relying on petroleum based chemicals.

Sourcing local produce also reduces the environmental impact of long distance shipping. Produce grown locally uses less fuel and emits less CO2.

What if small changes could create a big impact? When many people decide to make a small change, it ends up being a huge change! We each have the choice to help ourselves and our community, and to create a better world. Key to the Mountain believes in making that decision the easy choice. With each purchase, your taste buds will thank you, we thank you, Mother Earth thanks you, and your community thanks you!

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