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We are pleased to bring you Ener-GHEE! It is a wholesome snack based on the timeless knowledge of eastern medicine, inspired by African lion hunters and mixed for the busy westerner.

Here’s what it does:

It actually feeds your body. This food was created with the idea that food should nourish and energize you, not just fill your belly. The perfect blend of walnuts, dates and ghee nourish your body in the most wholesome, digestible way.

It tastes amazing! Food should taste good. Ener-GHEE tastes amazing because your body recognizes it as perfectly balanced and nutritious. Oh and did we mention it tastes like cookie dough?

It fills you up. Many foods and snacks are designed to not do this. (Weird but true-it makes for better profits.) Because of the high fat content, you are filled up for hours. It stops cravings. Ener-GHEE's perfect nutrition keeps your body happy saying, “I have everything I need. You can stop eating.” The satisfying sweetness of the dates gives you energy, but because of the ghee, it burns slowly, meaning no crash!

PS it's keto-friendly, raw, organic, gluten-free and DELICIOUS!

It’s so much more than the ingredients: walnuts give protein, dates give sweetness, coffee fruit gives micronutrients and electrolytes, and ghee gives long term energy. But it is the balance of these ingredients that proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Because it is fresh, real food, we recommend leaving it in the fridge or freezer for storage. Then when you want to go on a hike, go skiing, or you're just on the run, throw it in your bag. Whether you're eating it as a snack or eating it with your meals be prepared to thrive!

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