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Ghee is clarified butter, meaning the milk solids are taken out, creating a pure, delicious, satisfying fat for sauteeing, bullet coffee, oatmeal, anything really. We proudly source our butter from organically raised, grass fed cows here in Montana.

Organic Grassfed Ghee

SKU: 663250183529
  • "Your ghee is one of the items I've tried, loved, and am writing about...I have so much respect for what you are doing, thank you!"-Edible Bozeman editor, our ghee appeared in the Spring 2022 issue

    "Any chance you are coming to Bozeman again? Love to get some more Ghee...The Ghee is to die for. I absolutely love the flavor. Thanks for getting back with me!"-Brenda R 

    "I’m going to Missoula on Monday. Where can I buy your delicious Ghee and check out your other products?"-Darlene D.

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