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Everyone must read: Holistic health today

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Let’s make informed choices about our health. Whatever you decide to do is your right, but you can only make a fair choice if you are given as much information as possible!

First I want to point out that big ag(riculture) and big pharma(ceuticals) are two sides of the same coin. As the famous Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” So that is why I am taking the time to talk about health from other points of view than just nutrition. It’s all about health and information. First I will reveal my personal experience and research in the food manufacturing business and then relate those experiences to the cure manufacturing business.

Health in the food manufacturing business

Well, unfortunately this is an oxymoron. More accurate of a saying would be ‘profit in the food manufacturing business,’ as this is usually the main concern. This plays out that the cheaper a product can be produced, the better, regardless of long term health effects. So let's look at a muffin for breakfast as an example of the profit priority: The original whole grain in the flour has been removed in order to create more shelf life. This increases the reach that the muffin can journey without spoiling and thus increases sales. It also allows for a company to buy a commodity when prices are cheaper and hold onto it until that price increases. Whatever the reason, the original whole grain is perfect as nature made it. So by altering this balance we are no longer eating a healthy food, just what holistic nutritionists call “food like substances.” Adding back in a couple of vitamins is not a complete solution, as not everything is added back in the perfect original balance that it once was in. But it sells.

Another way to increase profit is to put fillers in. Sawdust anyone? Sounds terrible, yes, but it’s actually quite delicious when you douse it in plenty of sugar and salt. And that’s where sugar and salt get their bad reputation. Sugar and salt are so grossly overused to hide quality inefficiencies that we are eating them way way in excess.

Another way to increase profit is to get people to eat more. This is done very cleverly. If you take out some of the nutrition of a product, or dilute it with fillers, then the body will not be satisfied and be directed to eat more. So it is better to eat the whole grain, the whole fruit or the whole animal because it has all the nutrition you need. If you don't get that nutrition, then your body will say, "please eat because though I'm fed, I'm nutritionally starving!" This obviously leads to overeating and obesity. Fun fact: the adrenal glands of animals contain vitamin C, so that was one way native cultures prevented scurvy when no fruit was available in winter!

Lastly I want to point out the role the FDA has had in our business. They are a wonderful entity that I am super glad to have around because they are keeping the population safe. That is their job and they are doing it quite well. I have learned all about C. Botulinum and how to easily avoid that issue. But they are not concerned with long term health. That is not their job really, though it may appear to be. So for example, the FDA encourages our food manufacturing business to disinfect the food with chemicals. In the short run we are negating the possible contamination of salmonella, mold et cetera but what are these chemicals doing to our long term health? We just don’t know. For the record, Key to the Mountain does not use chemical sanitizers in our food. We use the time tested sterilization technique of cooking with heat.

Health in the cure manufacturing business

Again another oxymoron. ☹ How can a big company make any money if there is no sickness? Since the FDA is concerned with short term safety, then as long as prescribed chemicals don’t outright kill anyone, then they are allowed. There are not necessarily any tests done for long term health effects.

If you are thinking about preventing risks, why not just trust nature? Nature gave you beautiful

armor called your immune system. All you have to do is support nature by eating wholesome food and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. If you’re really, really concerned there is plenty of info about supplements such as vitamin c and zinc. And elderberries are famous for their immunity boosting power too.

When you are afraid of something coming to hurt you, this puts you in fight, flight, flee or sheep mode. This is how your brain is designed to keep you alive in the short term. You will forget to consider the long term. But if you relax, you can make a decision based out of love which will give you long term results.

As for long term results, why not ask these questions?:

  • If something has a 98% survival rate, would it be better to put unknown chemicals with no long term testing in my body or just trust nature?

  • How can I take responsibility for my immune system rather than entrusting it with companies who may only have profit as their top priority?

  • If an option is to poke myself with a blueprint for my body to manufacture a disease just so my body can then create an immunity, is there an off switch for the blueprints? And if my body’s cells are busy making that, then who picks up the slack while those cells are diverted?

  • If it’s really effective, then theoretically, if everyone else gets immunity then shouldn’t I be safe? (I know this holds no weight if everyone thinks this way.)

The ayurvedic paradigm of health can be said to be being abundantly energetic, joyful, and living one’s purpose. In other words being balanced in body, mind and spirit. The western paradigm of health is to be free of disease. The former is based in love the latter is based in fear. What paradigm do you want to live with? Key to the Mountain chooses love. We love our Mother Earth by choosing sustainable, responsible farmers. And we love our customers by proving the highest quality products we know how to make. They are filled with balanced food! We believe it's a win win to have a healthy community and we want to share information so we can all make informed choices. Be free and prosper!!!!

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